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Nature's Select Canned Food for Dogs

Introducing Nature's Select Canned Food for dogs!

We are proud to announce the launch of our NEW line of Nature's Select Canned Foods for dogs! 12 count packs of each product will be available in 3 new flavors: Chicken Pate, Lamb & Rice Pate, and Turkey & Sweet Potato Stew in Gravy. Read on below to find out about each recipe individually to see which one will be the best fit for your dog to try.

Lamb & Rice Pate

Quality ingredients that are delicious, savory and appetizing. Get that dinner bell ready...your dog will come running for this Lamb & Rice formula! You can't go wrong with the combination of lamb and rice; it has been a Nature's Select favorite for years. If your dog loves our Select New Zealand Recipe, this may be the perfect flavor to try. Available in 12.5 oz cans.

Turkey and Sweet Potato Stew in Gravy

No need to wait for Thanksgiving dinner... this recipe is inspired by the holiday we all know and love. Nothing says delicious like the taste of turkey, sweet potatoes, and gravy.This grain-free formula is perfect for dogs sensitive to grains. If your dog does well on our Grain Free Dry Dog Foods, such as Range Hearty Recipe, this flavor will be your best bet. Available in 13.2 oz cans.

Chicken Pate

Your dog will love our Chicken Pate Formula! Nothing beats the delicious, savory flavor of chicken. Our top selling dry food is our Select Classic Recipe because dogs love the taste of chicken. If you feed your dog our Select Classic Recipe, this Chicken Pate flavor will pair nicely. Available in 12.5 oz cans.

We are so excited for your dog to try one of our new Nature's Select canned food flavors. Check with your local Nature's Select Distributor to find out when your dog will be able to try the new flavors of canned food.

If you have any questions about this new product, please reach out to one of our Pet Care Advisors who will be happy to assist you. We look forward to hearing about how much your dog loves this new product!

Bon Appétit!