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Gift Wrapping Tricks

Let's face it: Wrapping gifts can be a dauntingly overwhelming task. 

All that cutting, taping, ribbon tying, name tagging, box folding, back aches...ugh. Don't worry though, because we have some tips to help you out this holiday season! You'll be wrapping your gifts like a North Pole Elf in no time. 

how to gift wrap like a pro

Label Presents Beforehand

This is a BIG one. We've all been there - when someone opens the wrong gift that was supposed to be meant for your Uncle Steve. Save the confusion and embarrassment and do some prep work ahead of time. Lay out a certain family's gifts or group of friends together, and label them all with a sticky note. That way, when you go to wrap it, all you have to do is make the corresponding gift tag to match. Or, better yet, write out the sticker gift tags and put next to the present. That way you can just grab them as you go through the presents to wrap! Another helpful tip is to use the same wrapping paper for a certain family or group. That way when you're off to that holiday party or Christmas Eve gathering, you can quickly find them under your tree! Work smarter, not harder.

Gift Bags 

Okay, some might consider this "cheating" and not real gift wrapping - but we say why make it harder on yourself? You can do half of your gifts in traditional boxes/wrapping paper/bows, and the other half in festive gift bags & tissue paper! Typically, gift bags and tissue paper is less expensive and you can reuse them the following year. Cost-effective and eco-friendly? Merry Christmas, indeed.

Buy Extra Supplies

Nothing is worse than when you're on a gift wrapping roll and you run out of tape, gift tags, ribbon, or wrapping paper! You can usually find a good deal on wrapping paper at most big chain stores. Purchase plenty of boxes, too, just in case there are some last minute White Elephant gifts you need to wrap right before a party. The best time to buy gift wrapping supplies is the day after Christmas, so if you're someone who likes to wrap your presents in a variety of colors & wrapping paper styles, stock up before the New Year while everything is 50% off. 

Beware of Kids & Pets!

Young children under 5 and pets in general seem to always get into the gifts. Whether they like unwrapping them, climbing on them, or in the case of your pets - think they are chew toys. If you have young kids or pets, maybe you opt out of hanging gift tags and go with the sticker labels instead. Skip the bows and just leave the presents plain (it is still a festive look either way).

Plan Ahead

You don't have to wrap ALL of your presents in one sitting. Unless you're the type of person to put on the Hallmark channel Christmas Movie Marathon and just bust them out on a Sunday. By all means, be our guest! But for the rest of us, that can feel a bit overwhelming to do all at once, especially if you have a large group to buy gifts for. Maybe you can wrap a few gifts a few times a week whenever you have a spare moment, or wrap 2 presents each time you watch your favorite holiday movie.