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Healthy Resolutions

New Year, New Dog

With the new year comes #NewYearsResolutions - the most common being to get in shape/make better choices. While the gyms will be packed the first couple of weeks of January with humans trying to work on their fitness, here are some tips to improve your pet's overall health for the new year. Try to work towards a few of these each week and watch your pet live his best life possible!

Drink More Water

Drinking water is an essential part of being healthy. Be sure to keep a fresh water supply at all times for your pet, and change it out multiple times a day if you have a pet who is a "messy drinker". If your pet is highly active, be sure they are drinking more than usual and keep ane xtra supply for walks.

Healthy Pet Food

Nutrition is a key component to your pet's overall health. Giving your pet a healthy, nutrient-dense pet food is vital to keeping them healthy & happy long-term. Nature's Select Pet Food is all-natural, rated 5 stars by Dog Food Advisor, and recommended by the Whole Dog Journal. Learn more about our award-winning pet food and contact us if you want to try some FREE samples for your pet today!

Quality Vs. Quantity

When it comes to giving our dogs treats, some of us just don't know when to stop! It's hard turning them down when they just look so cute 24/7! If you are someone who likes to reward your dog with treats, try cutting back with how many you give and look for a low-calorie treat option that contains natural ingredients and plenty of fruits and vegetables. Just like us humans, snacking daily can add up in calories! Just be mindful when giving your dog treats, and try to do so only as a reward for being good. 

More Exercise

We know, we know...the formula to being healthy is "Diet + Exercise" yet to some of us exercise just seems so exhausting and impossible! However, people with pets have the upper hand and advantage in the healthy department. Why? Because not only are you more likely to exercise when you have a pet, exercising with a partner holds you more accountable and therefore increases your chances of success! Try taking your dog out for a walk daily, even if it's just around the block in your neighborhood. Do this each day, and before you know it that distance will seem short and 1 mile will become 3, and so on and so forth.

Bonding Time

Spending quality time with your pets is not only beneficial for your pet, but also for you, too! Hanging out with our furry companions can improve our overall health, improve your mood, and contribute to a positive mindset. Spend time each day playing with them, cuddle them, brush them, walk them, and pet them. Spending just a few minutes petting your dog can turn any bad day into a good day instantly.

Vet Check-Ups

Scheduling an annual check-up at your local vet is so important for your pet. Not only is it good to make sure their health looks good, it will also give you peace of mind in the long-run. Knowing ahead of time if your pet has any medical issues that need attention immediately will help prevent ay surprise emergencies later on. If you have an older pet, try to take them more often to make sure all is good on their insides.


If you have a young pet, make sure they have all of their vaccinations up to date before taking them around other dogs in public places. If you are not sure if your pet has all of the required shots, contact your local vet.


Have a pet that loves to interact with new people and new situations? Schedule them a pet playdate with a friend or neighbor, take them to a local doggy daycare, or simply hop in the car and explore a new place together! Keeping your pet's mind stimulated by new situations and scenarios is good for their health and socialization skills.

Take More Naps

Now this is a resolution we can get behind! Getting plenty of rest each day is so important and contributes to a healthy mind, body, and soul. Adult dogs should be getting an average of 12-14 hours of sleep PER DAY! Taking time to relax with your pup is important, so make sure they have a comfortable blanket or bed that they know is all theirs.

Here's to a happy and healthy new year ahead...Cheers!