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June Gloom

Hurray! June is finally here! And you know what that means...Summer is just around the corner :) 

Here's what we are excited about this month.

June Holidays:

  • JUNE 4 - National Hug Your Cat Day
  • JUNE 7 - National Donut Day
  • JUNE 8 - National Best Friends' Day
  • JUNE 14 - Flag Day
  • JUNE 16 - Father's Day
  • JUNE 20 - Ugliest Dog Day (to our defense - we love ALL dogs, even the not-so-attractive ones)
  • JUNE 21 - National Take Your Dog to Work Day
  • JUNE 21 - First Day of Summer!
  • JUNE 22 - National Kissing Day (be sure to give your dog a big slobbery kiss!)

Our favorite things about Summer:

  • Beach Days
  • Sunshine
  • Outdoor Vacations
  • Playing Fetch with our Dogs
  • Camping Trips
  • Swimming
  • More Daylight
  • Summer Treats

Lots of fun surprises on the blog this month...stay tuned! Be sure to follow us on Instagram + Tag us in your pet's summer photos using #NaturesSelectDog @naturesselectpetfood

What are your exciting summer plans?