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Happy Birthday Shelter Dogs

August 1 is celebrated as the Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs.

Unfortunately, too many dogs wind up in shelters because they cannot find a forever home. (Even worse, a lot of them are simply left on the streets.) Join us in celebrating their big day by sharing your love for these precious creatures.

How can you help shelter dogs?

  1. Donate Your Time to a Shelter

    While monetary donations are helpful, shelters always need more volunteers. This DOGust, contact your local shelter for information on ways to help.

  2. Pamper Your Adopted Canine

    If you have an adopted dog, pamper him/her more than you usually do. A plush bed or a longer-than-usual day at the park. Anything that your furry friend likes or enjoys will do! You can even find a pup-friendly birthday treat to give them.

  3. Make it a Complete Dog Day

    It's summer. Time for an all-day dog picnic! They'll love you for it and thank you with endless wet kisses. Be sure to take a photo to forever remember the day by and make it a yearly birthday tradition to celebrate in a fun, unique way.

Happy Birthday to all of the shelter dogs out there, those rescued and those still waiting for their forever homes. 

Looking to adopt? Find shelter dogs near you!